DESIGN - Application and database design is more than just writing code and creating tables. Studies show that 85% of all performance tuning issues problems stem from poor design, not from insufficient computing resources. A poorly written database query cripples your application at the ground level, where it's most expensive to fix. We've been doing it right for years - we can do it right the first time for you.

DEVELOPMENT - We know how to develop Oracle-centric applications, because we know Oracle. And we know the challenges that Oracle's complexity poses. The good news: we know the answers too!

TUNING - The Oracle database has hundreds of tuning parameters - which knob do you turn? How do you know whether the problem is in the database, or in the application? We know where to look, and we know how to fix it.

TRAINING - We love teaching. We love training. Our classes always get great reviews (link to testimonial, see below, open in new window?). Take a look at a sample course. (link to the outline of my PL/SQL course material - I will provide a folder with index file to link to - open in a new tab or window)

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I truly enjoyed your Web Database Applications class at UCSB. Your selection of web technologies to cover during the course was current as well as diverse. Your thorough presentation of the class material, preparation of materials for the hands-on in-class exercises, and logical development of assignments leading up to the final project made the class an even more enjoyable and valuable learning experience for me.
- Dawn Strickrott, Software Engineer